How to Fix a Screen Door Handle

All of that opening and closing that your screen door experiences, especially during warmer weather, can take its toll on your screen door handle. Typically, screen door handles consist of a turning lever or a push button type of mechanism, and over time the handle may no longer latch properly, may become stuck or may become loose or even fall off completely. Although many people opt for a quick replacement of these inexpensive handles at the first sign of a problem, sometimes there is a quicker, more cost effective solution.

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How *environmentally* durable are pet-resistant screens?

Pet resistant screens are significantly stronger than traditional window and door screening, making them an ideal choice for individuals with dogs or cats, young children and homeowners with high traffic areas. One of the biggest concerns that consumers seem to have about pet screens, however, is how durable they are when it comes to UV exposure and exposure to other aspects of the environment. So how do pet screens stand up to the elements?


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What are my options for rescreening or upgrading my window screens?

When it comes to rescreening or upgrading window screens, many consumers are not aware that there are a variety of options available. Consumers can choose from lightweight screens that are designed to keep out insects, heavier duty pet screens that are more durable and intended to help prevent damage from children and pets, or sun control solar screens that limit the transfer of sunlight into your home and lower your cooling bill. In addition to the type of screens we offer, customers can choose from various color choices as well.


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How to Know When it’s Time to Rescreen Your Patio Door

Patio screen doors are excellent amenities for individuals who enjoy letting the fresh air circulate through their homes throughout the day without the inconvenience of being invaded by unwanted insects or other creatures. Since most patio doors aren’t meant to remain stationary, however, they can suffer through a lot of wear and tear over the years. Screens on patio doors tend to sag and bulge, and get torn or punctured frequently due to extensive traffic from residents, visitors and pets, and before you know it, it is time for a patio door rescreening.

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Rescreening Windows Vs. Window Replacement

As window screens age, they sometimes begin to droop and bulge in certain areas. They eventually become worn, torn, lacerated and dirty. If you’ve noticed that your window screens have begun to show their age, maybe it’s time to call a mobile rescreening service in order to have your windows rescreened or replaced. While it’s true that in most cases, rescreening windows is initially less costly than replacing the screens, in some situations window screen replacement is actually a more economical choice. How do you know whether to choose mobile rescreening or window replacement? There are a few telltale signs that you should look for.

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Knowing it’s Time for a Patio Screen Door Replacement

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Screen Door

Screen Doors

A screen door serves the purpose of ventilating a house while keeping out insects and vermin. There are two types of screen doors, hinged and sliding, which come in different sizes and are made from different materials. One of the more popular materials for screen doors is fiberglass, and while it is fairly durable, it does not support much weight and is easily ripped when enough pressure is applied. If you note that the screen is damaged, do not worry about replacing the whole door; all that got to be done is replace screen door. Continue reading


Re-screening is crucial

With the passage of time, window screens sag, get torn, punctured and dirty. While repairing a window screen is definitely less costly than purchasing a new one, there are times when replacing a window screen, though initially more costly than repairing, is more economical. As more time passes and window screens age, they have to be repaired over and over again and re-screening such windows rather than repairing them is a better decision as it will cost you less over time and you do not have to worry about the inconvenience of carrying out such repairs or getting someone to do them. Continue reading

Screen needing re-screening repair

7 Ways to Know You Need to Replace Your Window Screens

Window screens are one of those things most homeowners don’t think about much. They are just there, doing their jobs, not being noticed. If you take a look at your screens, though, you may find they are not in the best shape and it may be time to call out a mobile re-screening service.

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